financial aid


mcc offers a variety of scholarships from state, private and institutional sources, including the mcc foundation.  eligibility requirements vary based upon program of study, gpa, and level of financial need.

mcc foundation scholarships

these are scholarships given by our generous donors. this application considers you for over 50 mcc foundation scholarships, sophomore scholars program and the colorado merit scholarship in one easy location.

institutional scholarships

these scholarships are funded by mcc. 

emergency financial aid

the mcc student emergency fund is an emergency stipend for mcc students who are dealing with unanticipated and/or catastrophic life events that might cause the student to stop or pause their educational goals. the fund is managed by a campus committee and is currently accepting applications. applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis for as long as funds are available. once funds are exhausted, additional applications will not be reviewed.

list of institutional scholarships

mcc advancement grant
  • online enrollment in course(s) for on-campus course(s) cancelled due to low enrollment
  • colorado resident
  • tuition differential from canceled on-campus course to same course registered online.
mcc completers scholarship
  • 15 or less credits remaining to complete
  • mcc absence for one year or more
  • good sap standing
  • minimum of 3 credit hours of enrollment
  • complete fafsa
  • apply by 50% of term for course(s)
  • colorado resident
music scholarship
  • mus (mcc jazz ensemble)
  • apply by 50% of term for course(s)
  • colorado resident
new student scholarship
  • minimum of 3 credit hours of enrollment
  • new college student
  • high school diploma or ged
  • complete fafsa
  • apply by 50% of term for course(s)
  • colorado resident
programmatic grant
  • enrollment in specific courses
senior citizen grant
  • 60 years or older
  • colorado resident
  • half tuition up to 6 credit hours
sophomore scholars

sophomore scholars is a mcc program that guarantees grants or scholarships to pay sophomore year tuition and fees (up to 30 credits at the on-campus, in-state rate only.) high school graduates who have successfully completed (with a “c” or better) 30 credits of mcc college courses as high school students are invited to apply. students may enroll at any mcc location. applications are due by march 15 for may high school graduates and november 1 for december high school graduates.

sophomore scholars program

tag grant
  • new mcc student
  • enrolled mcconline/ccconline
  • minimum of 3 credit hours of enrollment
  • maximum of 11 credit hours of enrollment
  • apply by 50% of term for course(s)